The 100% Recycled Roo Double

The same Roo Double you know and love is now better for the planet.


Industry Leading 500 lb Capacity


100% Recycled, Bluesign Approved Fabric

Minimal Carbon Footprint

Adventure Grade Lifetime Guarantee

Kanga Claws™

Stress less and hang more with climbing-grade suspension that’s engineered to support up to 5,000 lb of force.

Gear Loops

Our Recycled Roo Double is completely customizable, with gear loops that allow you to attach a pillow, an underquilt, or anything else you want to keep handy.

Cloud Nine Comfort

Our 100% recycled GravitasX™ fabric is as buttery soft as it is good for the environment.

Roll-top Stuff Sack

Like all of our hammocks, the Recycled Roo Double packs neatly into itself so you can take your favorite hang spot anywhere.

Adventure Grade

Our new GravitasX™ fabric makes our Recycled Roo Double the lightest and strongest recycled hammock on the market.

Better Made

Using 100% recycled fabric, we’ve created a hammock that’s better for people and better for the environment. And we’re not finished yet…

Planning for the Future

By spring 2022, we’ll be transitioning Roo Single, Roo Double, and Roo Double XL to our 100% recycled GravitasX™ fabric.

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Comfort is Key Just like our classic Roo Double, our new Roo Double Recycled hammock was designed with maximum comfort in mind. You’ll find that it easily accommodates two people for an afternoon hang in the park or hammock camping...

Seaglass Green
Marine Blue

Camping Hammock


Why it matters

We say it all the time: Kammok is on a mission to elevate time outside. There is restoration in the outdoors, and we owe it to each other to steward our planet with care. Last year we created our first product using 100% recycled, bluesign® approved fabric with the Arctos, ensuring less waste and lower greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing. This year we worked to offset our carbon footprint and officially become Climate Neutral Certified. The launch of our 100% Recycled Roo Double is our next commitment to lowering our environmental impact at every turn.

This is just the beginning

Our 100% recycled GravitasX™ fabric is made with pre-consumer waste that would otherwise be discarded as trash. Using these materials to create a product backed by our lifetime warranty ensures they’ll never end up in a landfill. And we’re not stopping here. We’re committing to introduce more recycled materials across our product line. We can’t wait to share where we’re headed next, and we hope you’ll join us.

A Better Made Process

Industrial Waste

You would be shocked at the amount of nylon that is discarded before ever being used to create a product for consumers. We’re taking those leftover materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill and giving them new life.

Collecting and Processing

These unused scraps are ground into chips, melted, and respun into nylon ready to be dyed and turned into fabric.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Since nylon is a petroleum-based material, producing new, raw materials has a high energy cost. Incorporating recycled nylon into our line means we can reduce our carbon footprint while still manufacturing the highest quality gear.

Lifetime Warranty

Our new line of recycled fabrics carry the same great warranty you’ve come to know and trust, because that’s how it should be.