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Sustainably Made
Limited Edition
Product on backorder
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Python 15

Tree-friendly 15' Straps


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The tree-friendly Python 15 hammock straps are even longer than our Python 10 straps with 33 connection points per strap.

Want shorter straps? Check out the Python 10s.

Complete your setup:

Roo Double addon
Roo Double Camping Hammock

The same light and strong hammock straps built with our patented Nanoweave™ technology with an extra 5 feet in length per strap.

and Portable
Python 15 lifestyle image
Python 15 lifestyle image
Tech Specs
FAQ, Instructions & Care
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Optimal Hang

At a combined 30 feet with 33 points of connection per strap, the Python 15’s enable you to achieve the perfect hang when trees are further apart. Our high-tenacity polyester webbing ensures a static no-stretch hang, keeping your hammock at an optimal hang angle all night long.

Lighter and Stronger Suspension

Patented Nanoweave™ technology eliminates extra stitching and bulk, while strengthening the hammock straps overall. Hang your hammock from the straps safely up to 500 lb. When not in use, the coil the straps down into the Sil/PU coated stuff sack.

Tree-friendly Design

The variable width design offsets the pressure placed on trees by widening at the end of each strap. The hammock strap's secure suspension keeps them from slipping and rubbing the bark unnecessarily.

Tech Specs


Python 15

  • 2 × Python 15 hammock straps
  • 1 x Stuff sack

Best Used for

Basecamp hammock camping, recreational use, backyard lounging


Unpacked Dimensions (Variable width)
L 15 ft 1.5 in x W 1.5-.75 in
L 457.2 cm x W 3.8-2 cm

Packed Dimensions
L 4.5 x W 4.5 x H 2.5 in
L 11.4 x W 11.4 x H 6.3 cm

Combined Length
30 ft 3 in / 922.2 cm


Total Packed Weight
11.8 oz / 335 g


Max Capacity
500 lb / 227 kg


Product Material
Polyester webbing

Stuff Sack Material
Diamond Shell™ 40D diamond ripstop nylon with Sil/PU + DWR waterproofing

Additional Specs

Connection Points
33 Daisy-Chain Points (per strap)

FAQ, Instructions & Care

Frequently Asked Questions

How many straps are included when you purchase the Python 15 straps?

Two hammock straps are included with each Python 15 order.

Why would I need Python 15 straps instead of Python 10 straps?

Python 15 straps offer 33 points of connection per strap for a combined 30 ft in length - 10 more feet than Python 10 straps. When trees are sparse or you need extra length, the Python 15 straps do the job at 11.8 oz.

Do I need to order Python 15s with my hammock?

Straps are not included with your hammock purchase but you'll need some to hang. If you don’t already have straps, make sure to pick up a pair of Python 15s with your hammock purchase.

Are Python 15s tree friendly?

Thousands of trees are damaged every year from chain or rope straps that strip tree bark and wear into the outside of the trunk. Kammok Python 15s are designed with variable width polyester webbing (from 1.5" to .75") that displaces pressure on trees and minimizes a hammock camper's footprint on nature. You can also add a pair of Python Extenders, whose 2-inch width means they provide ultimate tree protection and meet most park requirements on hammock straps.

How much weight can Python 15s support?

Python 15s can hold up to 500 lb per strap.

Can I use my Python 15s with non-Kammok hammocks?

Kammok Python 15s work with any hammock that uses carabiners to suspend. However, 10 out of 10 would recommend pairing with a Kammok hammock.

How do I wash my straps?

We recommend you hand wash your Python 15s with a small amount of gentle soap in warm water.

Setup and Care Instruction

Download Python 15 Setup Instructions

Setup Videos

Python 15

Python 15

Tree-friendly 15' Straps