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Cord Pack

Camp cord


Extra gear cord to upgrade your existing products, or add length to secure guy-outs around camp.

  • Easily suspend your camp tarps
  • Creatively solve gear problems without the frustration of knot tying
  • Repair old cord on tents, shelters, and bags
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Tech Specs

No more knots

The Cord Pack is for easy gear repairs or creatively solving problems around camp – no knots needed. Our Minnow Clips™ make it possible to upgrade existing products, or add length to your weather shelter, with – that’s right – no knot tying. Simply use our Minnow Clips to fasten the cord to itself, or other gear, and stand in amazement at the magic of knotless cord.

Minnow Clips™

Born out of equal parts love for quick attachment devices and a frustration with tying knots, our Minnow Clips are made from a strong pack hook and a line-lock cord adjuster, fit with pre-cut cord lengths that are color coded to specify each length. Simply use the pack hook to attach the Minnow Clip to the desired tent tie-out, and stake the cord-end to the ground. Minnow Clips are designed for ultimate adjustability, and can be easily moved to different tie-out points on your tent, tarp, or hammock.

Note: this Cord Pack is the same cord & minnow clips that are sold with Sunda.

Tech Specs

Tech Specs

3.7 oz
6 gray cord, 2 gold cord
Cord Length (Gray)
Cord Length (Gold)
Bag Dimensions
3" × 3" × 3.5"
Bag Material
Diamond Shell™: 40D ripstop nylon 1,200 mm polyurethane fabric with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish

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Cord Pack

Cord Pack