PYTHON STRAPS™ : The World’s Most Versatile Hammock Straps
When designing the Kammok Python Straps, we found inspiration from the python snake - known for its vice-like grip and excellent tree hugging capabilities. The Python Straps are a 10 ft daisy-chain suspension system that allows the adventurer to quickly and safely hang their Kammok Roo camping hammock (or other hammock) from any tree, rock, post, or anchor point capable of bearing their weight. 
Material: Prior to creating the Python Straps, most hammock suspension options on the market were made of either rope or nylon webbing. The round shape of rope suspension digs into the tree’s bark and can be terribly harmful. You also better hope your Boy Scout knot tying skills won’t land you in the dirt in the middle of the night. Nylon webbing suspension is not harmful to trees, but it stretches over time – this can lead to what we call “butt-on-the-ground-when-you-wake-up” syndrome.
The Python Straps are made of tree-friendly, UV treated polyester tubular webbing with high tensile strength bar-tack stitching.  Unlike other hammock suspension options, the Python Straps were designed to protect the trees as their flat shape does not dig into the bark and compromise the tree’s health. The polyester tubular webbing ensures that you stay in the same hang position overnight because they will not stretch!
Strength: Each Python Strap will hold up to 250lbs (113.40kg), or 500lb when used together! When developing the Python Straps, our goal was to create the strongest, lightest and easiest to use hammock suspension system on the market. With these goals in mind, there are trade offs that have to be considered:  
Option 1: Use a lower quality raw fiber, and then reinforce it by adding additional inferior woven material throughout. This adds bulk and weight to the finished product – two things you don’t want when you’re on the trail and every ounce counts! 
Option 2: Begin with a stronger, lighter (albeit more expensive) raw fiber that requires no additional material to reinforce its break strength.
We decided to go with option 2 for our Python Straps creating the strongest and lightest (for their size) and most user-friendly suspension straps on the market!
Size: When attachment points are sparse, and distance matters, the Python Straps can safely suspend you between anchor points that are over twenty (20) feet apart. Each Python Strap is a 10ft long x ¾” wide daisy chain and among the longest hammock suspension straps available. At 12oz, including the weight of the stuff sack, the Python Straps provide superior functionality at an incredibly light weight.
Connect-ability: The Python Straps provide eighteen (18) points of connection (more connection points than any hammock suspension system on the market) on each strap, providing ultimate adjustability for the perfect hang.
Reflective Tracers: Setting up camp at night can be a challenge, especially with many moving parts in a tent set up. Our hammock set up is as simple as 1-2-3: 1) Attach Python Straps to secure anchor points 2) Unpack your Roo camping hammock 3) Connect carabiners on the Roo to the Python Straps loops. We made this process as simple as possible – even at night. Reflective tracers are woven along the length of the Python Straps providing ample visibility when you are setting up your hammock in low-light conditions. Don’t forget your headlamp!
Storage: Python Straps come in pairs (2 per set) and are packaged in their own water-resistant pouch that fits nicely into small leftover space in your pack. If space is unavailable inside your pack, you can attach the Python Straps to the exterior of your pack with the top ‘gear loop’ on the stuff sack.  
Other creative ways to transport your Python Straps to your favorite hammock hang spot include: using as your dog’s leash, jumping rope on the way (with Python Straps), or using as a tree swing (especially where a water landing could occur).
The Give:  Kammok donates 1% of all revenue to CTC International through 1% For the Planet.  Our 1% goes to support CTC’s work of building stronger education, environment, economy, health and community in Maai Mahiu and surrounding regions. All CTC initiatives are managed by full-time local staff and community volunteers in Maai Mahiu, Kenya and in their US office in Austin, Texas.

OUR PROMISE: Kammok strives to create the highest quality products to outfit the socially conscious adventurer. We proudly stand behind everything we make. Therefore, the Python Straps carry a lifetime warranty to the original owner against material and workmanship defects. If you are not satisfied with any Kammok product upon delivery, or if the product does not perform to your satisfaction, please contact us so that we can make things right. As a MOBster, we view you as family, and making things right is what family does!