Kammok Storage Upcycled Storage Bag
Kammok Storage Upcycled Storage Bag
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Upcycled Storage Bag

Insulation Storage Bag
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Properly store your trail quilt or sleeping bag in between trips with the Upcycled Storage Bag. Made from post-production fabric scraps of our colorful line of Roo hammocks. It's a creative and sustainable storage solution to keep your lofted insulation in tip-top condition.
Upcycling our fabrics creates an array of colorways, which means you may receive a different combination not pictured.


Upcycled Sustainability

Made from leftover LunarWave™ 70D diamond ripstop nylon fabric from our Roo hammock line. Tear resistant, durable, and a pop of color to easily spot your gear stashed in the closet.

Breathable Material

Our LunarWave™ 70D fabric is lightweight and breathable. Perfect for air circulation while in storage for an extended period.

Extra large storage

For your fluffiest and puffiest trail quilt or sleeping bag, this jumbo drawstring bag keeps your insulation contained and tidy in storage without compressing the loft.

Best Used for

Long term insulation storage


Unpacked Dimensions
28 in x 16 in / 71 cm x 60.6 cm


Total Packed Weight
3.2 oz / 92 g


Product Materials
LunarWave™ 70D diamond ripstop nylon with DWR waterproofing

Additional Specs

Drawstring cord

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same upcycled storage bag that's included with the Firebelly 30 and Bobcat 45?

Yes! This is the same style upcycled storage bag that comes with Firebelly 30 and Bobcat 45 trail quilts. Colors combinations will vary.

What color will I receive?

Color swatches from our post-hammock production are randomly paired to create an upcycled storage bag. Color combinations vary and are randomly selected for each order.

How do I store my trail quilt or sleeping bag?

How you store your insulated sleeping bag or trail quilt when you’re not using it affects its lifespan. Your insulation’s loft directly correlates to warmth. Before storing insulated gear after a camping trip, make sure your gear is completely dry to avoid gnarly smells and damaged fill. Then, store lightly stuffed in the upcycled storage bag in a dry location. This keeps your insulation fluffy when stored for extended periods of time.