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Sunda Recall



Recall Letter - June 28 
Update - June 30
Update - July 1
Update - July 7
Update - July 13
Update - July 19
Update - August 4
Returns Process
Timeline and Resolution Process



Recall Letter


June 28, 2017

Dear Kammok Customer,

We are writing to ask for your support and assistance in a complete recall of all Sunda products.

What happened?

Some Sunda shipments have not met our design and performance expectations. Since shipping over one thousand Sundas last week, we have been notified of ten instances in which the floor bed of the Sunda came apart in hammock mode. We are not aware of any serious injuries to date, but because your safety is our highest priority, we are trying to be as proactive as we can. Since we cannot be sure that the safety and performance of the product meets our expectations, we are recalling all Sundas.

Why did it happen?

Our work to date suggests that the issue relates either to the material or the construction of the floor bed during mass production. We are working diligently to determine the root cause and identify a solution as soon as possible.

What are we doing about it?

Today, we are recalling all product to ensure the safety of our customers. Over the next two to three weeks, we hope to determine the exact issue and solution with the goal of having a fully functioning Sunda product in your hands as soon as possible.

What does this mean for you?

We are asking two things of you immediately:

One. Stop using your Sunda and return your Sunda (or Sunda tent body) to us. We will be sending every Sunda owner a prepaid return label via email and instructions by the end of this week, June 30th. If you gave the Sunda as a gift, please share this information with your gift recipient and share their contact information with us in the survey below.

Two. We need your input on how you’d like us to best serve you personally going forward. Please review your options (below) and tell us which option you would like to us pursue on your behalf by this Friday, June 30th. You can reply by completing this survey or by emailing us at You are our most supportive customers and you have believed in us as we’ve pursued innovation. We don’t take this lightly and are working to provide the best possible options for you. Your current options are listed below, including an option for those of you who would like an immediate resolution and refund. We are grateful for your support as we work through this challenge as a small company.

Your current options:

A. "I will return my Sunda tent body and hold onto the footprint, fly, and poles to use them in Fly Light™ mode while Kammok works on a redesign of the tent body. I will wait until Kammok has additional information. I’d still like to have a Sunda in my hands." (Note - Our hope is that you choose this option and we see the Sunda through to the end. If we are not able to successfully redesign the Sunda tent body, you will be issued a full refund and the Fly Light mode set-up will be our gift to you - fly, footprint, and poles which can be used as a ground cover or hammock shelter. We will have more information on this option and the corresponding timeline as it develops.)

B. "I will return my entire Sunda. I request a Kammok gift card in the full amount I paid for my Sunda and any Sunda accessories to be redeemed on" (Note - Your gift card and an additional 25% discount code will be provided once we receive and inspect your returned Sunda.)

C. "I will return my entire Sunda. I request a refund in the full amount I paid for my Sunda and any Sunda accessories." (Note - Your refund will be made once we receive and inspect your returned Sunda.)

      Regardless of which option you choose, we are working to complete a fully functioning Sunda. We may have a new tent body designed and produced in the coming months. While we can’t promise this, it is our goal. We will keep you updated as we have new information.

      Going forward, you can best reach us at Liz Harroun (Customer Experience) and I, Haley, will be your best points of contact at Kammok. Given that we are a very small team, please be patient with us as we work diligently to take care of each of you. You are the reason we exist, and our team in East Austin is grateful for your support and belief in us.


      Haley Robison
      CEO, Kammok

      Click here to access the survey.



      Update - June 30


      June 30, 2017

      Kammok customers,

      Thank you for your overwhelming support and encouragement since the Sunda tent recall on Wednesday evening, June 28th. We even had a local backer swing by our office to encourage us yesterday. We are inspired by your response and we are working hard to identify a solution.

      We are still working to respond to inbound communications and are grateful for your patience. We will get back to you as soon as we can. In the meantime, you can access additional instructions on the return process and some answers to frequently asked questions below.

      With thanks,

      Haley and the Kammok team



      Update - July 1


      Dear Kammok Customer,

      Thanks again for your support and patience throughout this process.

      For those who chose Option A and would like to continue using the Sunda in Fly Light mode, remember to remove the Jake Feet clips from the corners of the Sunda tent body and attach them to the corners of the footprint before returning the tent body. These Jake Feet are essential to using the Sunda in Fly Light mode.

      Here’s the original Fly Light mode setup video for reference.

      If you already returned your Sunda tent body without removing the Jake Feet, don’t worry. We will ship them right back to you. We apologize for any additional inconvenience.

      Thank you to Jack, a Kickstarter Backer, for the reminder!


      The Kammok Team



      Update - July 7


      Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th. We’re still working through a backlog of email communications from you - thank you for your patience as we work to respond with care. Below are some updates on Sunda returns, refunds, and timeline.


      All domestic prepaid return labels were sent to your email by EOD Friday June 30th. If you have not received one, please check your spam folder. If you are unable to locate it, email us at and we will reissue your return label.

      International prepaid labels have NOT been sent. We have found a solution for all Sunda owners in Canada and will be sending your return labels shortly and are still working on the best solution for all other international customers.

      If you are choosing Option “A” (only returning your tent body) PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT SEND BACK YOUR JAKE’S FEET (photos below). These are needed to set up FlyLight Mode™ correctly and can be found at each of the four tent body corners. Photo below for what those look like. If you’ve already shipped us your tent body with the Jake’s Feet still attached, please email and we will ship you your Jake’s Feet.


      If you chose option “C”, you will be refunded once we receive your returned product. We will be processing returns weekly, and will get your refund to you as soon as possible.

      If you pre-ordered the Sunda on, we will refund you through your payment method.

      If you paid through Kickstarter or BackerKit, we are currently only able to issue you a refund through PayPal. This is the only option available through Backerkit. Email if you are not able to receive a refund from PayPal.

      Process and timeline on the Sunda solution

      We’re working with our supplier to identify the root cause and source new tent body samples. We have several working hypotheses and will have more information in the following two weeks. We will send an update on or before July 19th regarding the fix and corresponding timeline.



      Update - July 13


      International Returns

      All Canadian customers

      Please click on the link below to generate a DHL return label via Canada Post. Use your order number as the Ref. No and make sure all address fields are filled out correctly. (Order numbers are on your packing slip. If you do not have one please write “note: Sunda Recall” in Ref. No field). You will then print the label and use it to ship your Sunda tent body (option A) or entire Sunda package (options B and C) to us. Note that this label will not be trackable through the DHL website.

      All other wonderful countries

      We have not been able to identify a solution that will work well for all other international backers. Therefore, we are asking you to please send your Sunda back at your convenience, and we will refund you the shipping costs incurred to return your Sunda.

      Please send back your Sunda tent body (option A) or entire Sunda package (options B and C) to us at:

      Kammok re: Sunda Recall
      506 E Saint Elmo Rd Bldg B
      Austin, TX 78745

      Before sending the gear back to us, review all information and instructions here: Please use the cheapest and most convenient shipping option available. Please provide a photo of the receipt for your shipping costs, tracking information and PayPal email so that we can reimburse you for your payment.



      Update - July 19


      Happy Wednesday! As promised, here’s our July 19th Sunda update.

      We’ve uncovered the issue.

      The Sunda’s failure point in hammock mode is a not a design or material defect but a manufacturing defect that occurred in mass production and was not identified during post-production testing. We are meeting with our manufacturer in-person next week and will have a full detailed report to share with you in the coming weeks.

      We are confident in our ability to get a fully functioning Sunda back in your hands.

      We do not have an exact date on the fix but we will know more towards the end of this month. Our hope is to have the Sunda back in your hands by mid to late fall, if not sooner. What’s most important is that we get this right.

      Thank you for your continued patience and encouragement; we are working as quickly and cautiously as possible to ensure this issue is addressed with the utmost care and detail. Your safety and experience are our first priority.

      For those of you awaiting refunds, we will be processing our first batch this Friday. We have several hundred returns to process manually, and we will work through them as quickly as possible. You will be notified via email once your return has been processed and/or once your refund has been issued (if applicable).

      Lastly, we have not forgotten those of you who have emailed in about your Jake's Feet clips! We will get these sent out to you within the next two weeks.

      With thanks,




      Update - August 4


      Dear Kammok Customer,

      Over past month, our team at Kammok has been avidly working towards a Sunda resolution. We are writing you today to share exactly what happened and what’s next in the resolution process. We believe that the best way to handle this issue is with full transparency and an invitation for you to learn alongside us. Your support for our team at Kammok has blown us away, and we are grateful for your continued support and patience as we process inbound returns, test solutions, and plan a resolution with our manufacturer.

      The past six weeks have been some of our most challenging and rewarding ones at Kammok. On a personal note, I have been reminded that people can handle bad news, but they cannot handle bad behavior. Doing the right thing pays off 100% of the time. As a brand, the integrity and strength of our relationship with you is ultimately the only thing that matters. How you have rallied with us to support this challenge has been a powerful reminder of the why behind Kammok: we exist to champion people and design products that serve as catalysts for their greatest adventures. We are not going to let this mistake stop us from moving forward with resilience, and our commitment to do right by you, our customers.

      While we wish we didn’t experience this failure, we are taking full responsibility to make it right, and our priority is providing you with the best possible experience going forward. After reviewing this email, please reach out to us at with any questions. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

      Now, to the new updates.

      Four things to know.

      1. Good news. The Sunda will be back in your hands.

      We have identified what caused the product failure in hammock mode, and we are 100% confident in our ability to repair and deliver the Sunda back to each of you who have chosen this option.

      2. Timeline is still getting finalized. Our goal is to re-ship the Sundas before the Holidays.

      Our suppliers and full team are committed to supporting a timely resolution. Currently, our repair and reproduction timeline is estimated for a Holiday delivery date (November/December 2017). Tent production normally takes 4-6 months, and are expediting that timeline as best we can. We will continue working with our manufacturer over the next few weeks to finalize all details and will communicate a more detailed re-delivery timeline soon.

      3. The failure: what caused the failure in hammock mode and what we have learned.

      This recall has been a painful, but tremendous learning experience for Kammok, our partners, and our community. We want to invite you into exactly what happened, to provide clarity and context around the Sunda’s failure point in hammock mode.

      We’ve concluded the issue was a manufacturing error in construction. Here’s what happened:

      In a picture

      Sunda: Identified Failure Point

      The whole enchilada

      (A) Our final pre-production samples underwent extensive user testing, and the design was approved for mass production.

      (B) In final Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA / QC) of the mass-produced Sundas we confirmed all Sundas were produced to our final pre-production sample specifications. Specifically, we confirmed that pre-production samples were constructed with the correct dimensions, tolerances, materials, stitching and folds at the seam where the ‘sewn channel’ (used for hammock mode) meets the tent body.

      (C) After recalling the product and spending hours testing and unstitching the mass-produced samples in-house, we found an approximately one-eighth inch triangular dart cut in patterning of the floor bed. This cut was hidden underneath bartack stitching, thus invisible during our verification that the Sunda met our design specifications. We discovered that a decision was made on the factory floor to make a small cosmetic change in the floor bed patterning (not previously communicated to our team), and therefore, discovered that the mass production sample was not entirely identical to the final production samples we approved.

      (D) This triangular dart creates an easy tearing point when force is applied in hammock mode, and this leads to product failure. The Sunda’s failure point is only in hammock mode, when weight is placed on the edge of the hammock. We went through extensive testing before discovering the issue, which occurred when tension and a considerable amount of weight was placed along the edge. Once we isolated the issue, we were able to repeat the failure point with less weight and force (equivalent to two people sitting in the hammock).

      (E) Over time, all tents used in hammock mode would be susceptible for failure. We are confident in our decision to recall all Sundas, and now, with full information and a product fix identified, we are ready to get the tent bodies updated and back in your hands.

      4. We’re grateful for your belief in us, and together, we will see this through to the end!

      Thank you for partnering with us to get the Sunda to the finish line. The majority of you chose Option A, which means the Sunda will come to life again. You’ve shown confidence in our commitment to do the right thing, and we don’t take that lightly. We wouldn’t be here without you.

      We will be back to you soon with a product delivery timeline. Stay tuned and have a wonderful week!

      Haley, Greg, and and the entire Kammok Team





      Returns process

      How will it work?

      You will receive a prepaid return label in your email inbox before EOD June 30th. We are asking that your returned Sunda (in part or whole) is postmarked by July 15th (box up your Sunda, apply the prepaid label, and drop-off at your local post office).

      [3:42 PM CT June 30 UPDATE: All domestic returns will be out by June 30th; international return labels will be delivered by the end of next week, July 7th]

      If you haven’t yet responded to the survey, no problem. Your prepaid return label will suffice for Option A, B, or C. Some of you requested more time to fill out the survey. No problem. We are now asking that you respond to the survey by July 7th. A quick response helps us understand how to best serve you, so thank you in advance for your swift reply.

      What parts need to come back?

      If you chose option A, please return the tent body and Dyneema webbing that arrived inside the sewn channels of your tent body. If you chose option B or C, please return all Sunda components. Sunda accessory returns are optional. And you do not need to return any other products that you ordered with your Sunda. Please keep and enjoy them! We’ve included pictures below to help.


      The instructions mention 6 guy outs, am I missing 2?

      No, there is a typo in the instructions. The Sunda comes with 4 guy outs, which will be sufficient to secure your Sunda in hammock mode.

      Do I have to send it back by a certain date?

      We're asking that you have your Sunda in the mail us no later than July 15th. If this isn't possible because of travel or other reasons, please let us know when you'll be able to get your Sunda in the mail. The best place to reach our team is

      Does the Sunda function in tent mode?

      Yes, the Sunda functions safely in tent mode. The potential danger is the suspended hammock mode of the Sunda. However, in the spirit of utmost care for our community, we want to make sure that we’ve fully investigated the product.

      Can I just keep my tent body and not use it in hammock mode? Or swap it out later?

      Unfortunately, no. We sincerely wish that you could. After much consideration, we are asking customers to return either their Sunda tent body (option A) or entire Sunda package (option B and C). Please understand these parameters are with your safety (and that of all other potential Sunda users) in mind. 

      If I'm local, can I just drop off my return at Kammok HQ?

      Yes, you can drop off your Sunda or Sunda tent body at Kammok HQ, 1401 E 7th Street in Austin, TX. We'd love to see you! Please come by during our Gear Shop hours: Monday - Friday 2 PM - 7 PM and Saturday 10 AM - 7 PM.

      Can I keep the rest of the rewards that I got with my pledge?

      Yes, absolutely! We hope that you do. Depending on which option you've chosen, send back only the required Sunda components.

      How will I receive my refund?

      If you chose option “C”, you will be refunded once we receive your returned product. We will be processing returns weekly, and will get your refund to you as soon as possible.

      If you pre-ordered the Sunda on, we will refund you through your payment method.

      If you paid through Kickstarter or BackerKit, we are currently only able to issue you a refund through PayPal. This is the only option available through Backerkit. Email if you are not able to receive a refund from PayPal.



      I've just paid customs. Will I have to pay customs twice when you send me a new tent body if I choose Option A?

      If you choose option A, we will cover shipping and customs fees (with copy of customs receipt) on the second tent body. If you choose option B or C, shoot us an email at 

      My shipment actually hasn’t cleared customs yet, can you guys call it back?

      Unfortunately, we cannot call back shipments. If you have not yet received your Sunda, deny your package by customs (either by contacting them directly or simply by not picking it up).

      If you have already received your Sunda, we will provide a prepaid shipping label tomorrow for you to return your Sunda (full package or body only, based on survey option you choose – see options and pictures above). If you choose option A, we will refund you the second round of customs fees (you must provide a copy of your receipt) when we reship the tent body.


      Timeline and resolution process

      When do you expect the new Sunda tent body to ship? This impacts my decision as I have a trip coming up.

      Over the next two to three weeks, we hope to determine the exact issue and solution with the goal of having a fully functioning Sunda product in your hands as soon as possible. We do not have a definitive timeline at this point but will provide updates as we have more information.

      If I choose Option A and a new tent body is never delivered can I return my Sunda accessories? Will Sunda accessories work with the new tent body?

      Our intention is “yes”, though we cannot guarantee it. If you choose option A and we do not deliver a new tent body compatible with the accessories you've purchased, you will receive a full refund for Sunda accessories.

      When will the Sunda be back in stock on

      We do not have a definitive timeline at this point but will provide updates as we have more information. Our goal is to have the Sunda back online as soon as possible.