Kammok Crosswing Vertical Bracket Kammok Crosswing Vertical Bracket Kammok Crosswing Vertical Bracket
Kammok Crosswing Vertical Bracket Kammok Crosswing Vertical Bracket Kammok Crosswing Vertical Bracket
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Crosswing Vertical Bracket

Car Awning Mount
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Mount the Crosswing to any vertical surface with the Vertical Bracket. Ideal for overland bed bars, platform racks, rooftop tents, and more.


Mount the Crosswing to the side of most racks to preserve valuable roof top cargo space for roof top tents, kayaks, cargo box, and all your adventure gear.

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Mount directly to vertical surfaces with t-slots or by bolting on for a custom fit.

Crosswing Vertical Bracket lifestyle image

Clamp to vertical bars with the Crosswing stock mount clamp plates.

Go Direct with T-slots or Bolts

Mount the Crosswing to any vertical surface including the side of platform-style racks, campers, and more with T-slot systems or bolts.

Pair with Talon Mounts

Combine the Vertical Bracket with your Crosswing’s included Talon Mounts to clamp to racks with vertical bars such as utility trucks.

Rotate between vehicles

Order an additional pair of Talon Mounts with the Vertical Bracket to quickly attach the Crosswing Car Awning to a secondary vehicle.

Unlimited Mounting Potential

The Vertical Bracket makes it possible to mount the Crosswing on nearly any weight bearing surface. Turn the Crosswing into an outdoor patio awning or custom mount to the side of an RV.

Simple, One-Person Install

All Crosswing mounting solutions feature quick-attach brackets, allowing you to position the Crosswing with ease after installing the mounts on your vehicle.

Adjustable Height

At installation, you're able to choose from three different angles of deployment so that Crosswing is the right height for your needs.


Crosswing Vertical Bracket Kit

  • 2 × Vertical mounting brackets
  • 1 × Stainless Steel Hardware


Product Materials
Hardened Powder Coated Steel Brackets, Stainless Steel Hardware

Best Used For

Ideal for positioning the Crosswing off to the side of most vertical walled racks rather than on top of racks.


Fits vertical walled T-slot systems and vertical bars for clamping when paired with Crosswing stock Talon Mounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the Vertical Bracket with the Crosswing included Talon Mounts?

Every Crosswing comes with two stock Talon Mounts™. The Talon Mounts consist of three main components: Clamp Plates, Pivot Mounts, and Quick-Attach Brackets. There are two main configurations when pairing the Vertical Brackets with components of the Talon Mount:

  • 1. Vertical Brackets, Quick-Attach Brackets, Clamp Plates: Ideal for clamping to vertical bars typically found on utility trucks.
  • 2. Vertical Brackets, Quick-Attach Brackets: Ideal for mounting directly via T-slots or by bolting onto vertical surfaces.

Can I use the Vertical Bracket to mount the Crosswing to my house?

The Vertical Bracket allows you to mount the Crosswing awning to any weight bearing surface by T-slot system or compatible bolts (M8/ 5/16”). The Vertical Bracket is a customizable solution for mounting the Crosswing awning to an outdoor patio space, the side of a Sprinter van, RV, and more.