Sustainably Made
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Sustainably Made
Limited Edition
Product on backorder
Ships by 06/01/2022
Out of Stock

Camping Hammock Bundle


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Mantis Gear Loft addon
Mantis Gear Loft Mantis accessory
Mantis Ridgeline Organizer addon
Mantis Ridgeline Organizer Mantis accessory
Puffin Pillow addon
Puffin Pillow Inflatable Pillow
Women laying in a mantis all in one hammock tent set up for hammock camping in the woods with a bugnet and rainfly.

Cloud-nine comfort for every overnight starts with the Mantis all-in-one hammock tent and perfectly pillowy Pongo sleeping pad.

and Packable
Insect Net
Man sitting in Kammok Mantis all-in-one hammock tent with Pongo Sleeping Pad attached inside of camping hammock.

A match made in hammock camping heaven: Our Mantis and insulated Pongo sleeping pad are designed to work together to deliver the most restful sleep on trail.

Woman sitting in Kammok Mantis all-in-one hammock tent with with built-in rainfly hung above in awning mode with hiking poles.

Rain or shine, the Mantis all-in-one hammock tent offers all-weather versatility for any conditions.

Man laying down on Pongo insulated camp sleeping pad in a in Kammok Mantis all-in-one hammock tent.

Our Insulated Pongo sleeping pad has a tapered design ideal for hammock camping and allows for the flattest lay all night long.

Man sitting in Kammok Mantis all-in-one hammock tent with Pongo Sleeping Pad attached inside of camping hammock.

As always, Mantis and Pongo are built to go the distance and backed by our Adventure Grade lifetime guarantee.

Tech Specs
FAQ & Care
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Insulated Pongo Pad

Three-season pad

The Insulated Pongo pad features Pinneco Mantle™ synthetic insulation. The insulation spans the full length of the entire pad eliminating cold spots to shield you from cool spring nights.

Structured support

Spot welded baffles and a plush, three-inch thickness offers exceptional support for back and side sleepers alike. With ample loft to keep your tailbone elevated and hips from poking through to the ground, you’ll wake up refreshed for summit day.

Unmatched comfort

With extra room at the shoulders, head, and toes, this pad provides a spacious platform for taller sleepers to stretch out in all directions after a long day on the trail.

Hammock integration

The distinct, tapered design is ideal for hammock camping. The wide shoulder box pushes fabric out for more livable space and enables hammock campers to get the flattest lay. New, non-slip base and accessory kit keeps the pad at an optimal angle and prevents unwanted sliding throughout the night.

Tech Specs
Insulated Pongo Pad


Insulated Pongo™ 

  • 1 x Insulated Pongo™ 
  • 1 x Stuff sack
  • 1 x Hammock accessory kit
  • 1 x Patch repair kit

Best Used for

Camping, Backpacking


Inflated Dimensions
L 77 x W 27 - 20 x H 3 in
L 195.5 x W 68.6 - 50.8 x H 7.6 cm

Packed Dimensions
L 6 x W 6 x H 9.5 in
L 15.25 x W 15.25 x H 24.1 cm


Trail Weight
1 lb 8 oz / 24 oz

Total Packed Weight
1 lb 10 oz / 26 oz


Sleeping Capacity
1 person

Max Weight Capacity
300 lbs


Product Materials
20D Polyester front, GeckoGrip™ 30D non-slip polyester back

Insulation Materials
Bluesign Pinneco Mantle™ synthetic insulation

Stuff Sack Material
Diamond Shell™ 40D ripstop nylon with PU + DWR waterproofing

Additional Specs

Sleeping Pad Type
Inflatable air pad

Sleeping Pad Shape
Tapered mummy



FAQ & Care
Insulated Pongo Pad

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the R-value for the Insulated Pongo pad?

The Insulated Pongo pad is rated at 3.1 R-value, a comfortable sleeping pad for three-season camping. To increase the temperature range, pair the Insulated Pongo pad with one of our trail quilts or sleeping bags. For a lightweight and non-insulated pad, see the Pongo Pad.

How do I inflate my Pongo sleeping pad?

The Insulated Pongo pad can be inflated by mouth or by air pump through the inflate value. We recommend using our Air Pump Sack, as condensation from your breath will eventually lead to deterioration of the PU lining inside (this is true for all sleeping pads).

How do I use the hammock accessory kit?

Use the included hammock accessory kit to secure the Insulated Pongo pad to your Roo Hammock. Loop each toggled end of the shock cord through the eyelets welded onto the sleeping pad. Hook the other end of the shock cord to the gear loops found at the peak on the inside of your Roo hammock. Pull the line locks to adjust the pad to your desired height and comfort.

What hammocks are compatible with the Insulated Pongo pad?

The Insulated Pongo pad is compatible with the Roo Double, Roo Double XL, Roo Single, Mantis, and Mantis UL hammocks. Due to its size, the Insulated Pongo pad can feel too large to sleep comfortably when using the Roo Single Ultralight hammock.

Can I sleep on the back of the pad?

Yes, when reversed, the GeckoGrip™ fabric along the back side of the pad, can help keep a sleeping bag in place.

Can the pad be used on the ground?

The Insulated Pongo pad can be used as a backpacking sleeping pad when camping on the ground, as well as a hammock pad. Always make sure to clear the area beneath your pad of debris and sharp objects.

Besides it being insulated, how is this pad different from the original Pongo Pad?

Lined with Ecoloft™ synthetic insulation, the Insulated Pongo pad is 6.3 oz heavier than the original Pongo Pad to help campers retain heat in lower temperatures. We’ve opted for GeckoGrip™ 30D non-slip polyester for enhanced stickiness in a hammock and added durability.

Setup Videos
Insulated Pongo Pad
Camping Hammock Bundle

Camping Hammock Bundle