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Thylacine Liner

Sleeping bag liner


The Thylacine Liner zips into the base bag of the Thylacine, increasing the warmth of the bag by 20°F.

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Tech Specs
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Product Information

Most versatile bag on the market

Named 2017 Gear of the Year, the Thylacine, an innovative sleep system that adapts to your environment, is a true four-season sleeping bag. In the coldest environments, add the Thylacine Liner to your Thylacine Base Bag to increase the warmth by 20°F. This brings the temperature rating for our Synthetic Base Bag to 20ºF and the rating for our Down Base Bag to 0ºF. Be prepared for every adventure.

Tech Specs

Tech Specs (Liner)

Temperature Rating (with Down Bag)
Comfort: 16°F (-9°C) / Lower Limit: 3ºF (-16ºC) / Extreme: -36ºF (-38ºF)
Temperature Rating (with Synthetic Bag)
Comfort: 25°F (-4°C) / Lower Limit: 13ºF (-11ºC) / Extreme: -22ºF (-30ºF)
Regular / Long
78" x 34" / 84" x 34"
Packed Size
8.5" x 7.5" (22 cm x 19 cm)
750 FP Downtek™
Fill Weight
8.2 oz / 8.7 oz
Total Weight (with Stuff Sack)
20 oz (567 g) / 21 oz (595 g)
20D Ripstop Nylon + DWR
Care Instructions / FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a liner?

Depending on the weather conditions you are camping in, you may not need a liner to use the Thylacine Bag. Our down liner increases your temperature rating by 20ºF, bringing you from a 40ºF bag to a 20ºF bag when using synthetic, or upping the game from a 20ºF bag to a 0ºF bag in a matter of minutes.

How does the bag adjust to all conditions?

With a removable down liner that can add or takeaway warmth in seconds, the Thylacine is the perfect option when you aren't sure what the weather conditions will be when camping. From 0ºF to 40ºF, the Thylacine has you covered.

How do I wash my Thylacine Liner?

The performance of this fill (heat retention!) is directly tied to its "loftiness." To help your products retain their loft, please follow our storage and cleaning instructions. Remember: Loft = warmth. Lofty gear = happy you.

Keep your liner in tip-top shape by spot cleaning or hand washing when possible. Hand washing your gear with cold water and Grangers Down Wash + Repel is best for extending its useful life, but it can also be cleaned in a front-load washing machine (do not use a washing machine with an agitator).
Washing machine instructions:

  • Zip up the liner.
  • If the gear is soiled or stained, use the recommended amount of Grangers Down Wash + Repel. Do not use fabric softener, bleach, or stain removal products.
  • Wash the gear by itself using the gentle/cold water setting.
  • Hang to dry, or use the delicate, no heat tumble setting on the dryer with a clean tennis ball, or dryer ball. Do not stuff back in stuff sack damp or wet.

How do I store my Thylacine Liner?

Where your bag sleeps when you're not sleeping in it affects its lifespan. Before storing after a camping trip, avoid gnarly smells and damaged fill by making sure your gear is completely dry. Then, store lightly stuffed in a large, breathable bag or hang in a dry location. This keeps your gear fluffy when stored for extended periods of time.

Thylacine Liner

Thylacine Liner

Stone Gray