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Sustainably Made
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Portable Hammock Stand
Hang anywhere with the lightweight, portable hammock stand made to get you outdoors. Long and short bar included for lounge mode and chair mode.


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The perfect hang is no longer limited to trees. From beach campouts to tailgate days, the Swiftlet offers comfort and freedom to hang anywhere in a lightweight, portable system. Hammock not included.

Complete your setup:

Swiftlet Shade Kit addon
Swiftlet Shade Kit Swiftlet Accessory
Swiftlet Cup Holder addon
Swiftlet Cup Holder Swiftlet Accessory

Designed to adapt to your environment, the Swiftlet provides hammock loungers freedom to hang in treeless terrain.

Easy Setup

The lightest, portable hammock stand to hang from park-to-patio.

Swiftlet hammock setup in lounge and chair mode with people sitting in different sized hammocks from Roo Jr to Roo Double XL.

Converts from lounge to chair mode and fit any size hammock, hang a Roo Jr. to Roo Double XL.

Girl carries a Swiftlet portable hammock stand with midnight blue hammock at chest height walking across a rocky river bed.

At just 15 lbs, this stand won’t weigh down your adventures. Elevate your time outside with the Swiftlet.

Tech Specs
FAQ, Instructions & Care
Setup Videos

Lightweight and portable for camp

At just 15 lbs, the Swiftlet empowers car campers and tailgaters alike, to hang unrestricted from finding the perfect pair of trees. From sandy beaches to soccer fields, the portable design provides unlimited opportunities to hang anywhere.

Fast and intuitive assembly

With quick release buttons and push pins, we’ve eliminated the need for screws and tools. Each piece of the stand slides and snaps together for a seamless assembly experience.

Optimize space in chair mode

For board game nights or apartment patios, the Swiftlet converts to chair mode, saving space and cutting the footprint in half for cramped spaces.

Compact for travel

A padded travel bag and handy internal straps make toting the Swiftlet a breeze. A small package in any car, the Swiftlet gives Fido more room to enjoy the ride to the park.

Balance and strength for any terrain

Designed to flex and distribute weight on uneven surfaces, the Swiftlet securely holds up to 300 lb. Built for life outdoors, the aluminum frame is rust-resistant when left out during unexpected showers.

Quick-adjust for the perfect hang

With 11 adjustable points on each arm, quickly slide and lock into the comfiest hang. The Swiftlet fits all Kammok hammocks from Roo Jr. to Roo Double XL.

Stake-able feet

The feet on the Swiftlet feature stake holes for adding stability to your hammock stand when not in use.

Adventure Grade Guarantee

Our Swiftlet Hammock Stand is backed by our Adventure Grade lifetime guarantee.

Tech Specs



  • 1 × Swiftlet Hammock Stand
  • 1 × Travel Bag

Hammock not included.

Best Used for

Recreational use, backyard lounging, car camping, basecamp hammock camping


Short Bar Setup
12.6 lb / 201 oz

Long Bar Setup
14.5 lb / 232 oz

Total Packed Weight
17.4 lb / 278 oz


Lounge Capacity
1-2 people

Sleep Capacity
1 person (recommended)

Max Weight Capacity
300 lb / 136 kg


Unfolded Dimensions
Short Bar Setup:

  • Footprint:
    L 41 x W 34 in
    L 104 x W 86 cm
  • Ridgeline Length:
    66 in
    168 cm

Long Bar Setup:

  • Footprint:
    L 74 x W 34 in
    L 188 x W 86 cm
  • Ridgeline Length:
    96 in
    244 cm

Folded Dimensions
L 50 x W 8.5 x H 8.5 in
L 127 x W 21.5 x H 21.5 cm


Frame Materials
Aluminum tubing, UV treated nylon plastic

Travel Bag Materials
600D Polyester plain weave base, 210D ripstop nylon, 3mm foam, 40mm polyester webbing, YKK zipper with PU + DWR waterproofing

Additional Specs

Two Modes (patent pending)

  • Chair mode
  • Lounge mode

Adjustable Points Per Arm

FAQ, Instructions & Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a hammock included with my Swiftlet purchase?

No, hammocks are not included with your Swiftlet purchase. The Swiftlet comes with a padded travel bag for easy toting.

What size hammock can fit in the Swiftlet hammock stand?

The Swiftlet is compatible with all Kammok hammocks from Roo Jr. to Roo Double XL, including other hammock brands with carabiner and ultralight suspension systems. In chair mode, the ridgeline is 5.5 ft wide and best fits a Roo Jr. to Roo Double. In lounge mode, the ridgeline is 8 ft wide and best fits a Roo Single to Roo Double XL.

Do I need to use hammock straps with the Swiftlet?

No, you do not need hammock straps to hang in the Swiftlet.

Can I sleep overnight in the Swiftlet hammock stand?

Yes, you can sleep overnight in the hammock stand. We recommend only one person sleep overnight in the Swiftlet at a given time. If you are very tall (6’4” +), we recommend a Swiftlet Extension Bar to expand the length of your hang. The extension bar utilizes both the short and long bars of your Swiftlet portable hammock stand to create a full-length hammock setup ideal for taller campers to sleep overnight.

Does the cup holder come with the Swiftlet Hammock Stand?

No, the cup holder is not included with the Swiftlet hammock stand. The Swiftlet Cup Holder may be purchased separately or in the Swiftlet Hammock Stand Bundle.

Can I leave my Swiftlet outside for extended periods?

Yes, the Swiftlet was designed for all-weather durability, built with aluminum and non-corrosive metals to last in any element you leave it in. Leave it up on the patio, in the garden, or outside the camper van. If you’d like to leave your hammock attached to your Swiftlet, we recommend protecting your hammock with the Wallaroo protective hammock sleeve.

How many people can hang safely in the Swiftlet hammock stand?

The Swiftlet hammock stand can safely hang up to 300 lbs, we recommend no more than two people in the stand at any given time.

Does the Mantis all-in-one hammock fit in the Swiftlet?

We do not recommend using the Mantis with the Swiftlet at this time. If using, remove the bug net from the Mantis, and expect the hammock to hang close to the ground because of the integrated ridgeline on the Mantis. Our first suggestion is to use a Roo hammock with the Dragonfly.

Can I attach a Dragonfly bug net to the Swiftlet?

The Dragonfly bug net and Swiftlet do not seamlessly integrate at this time. However, with a little ingenuity, it can be used, but expect the ridgeline of the Dragonfly to be much lower.

Can I attach a Ridgeline Organizer or Joey Gear Sling to the Swiftlet?

The Swiftlet does not have a dedicated attachment point for the Ridgeline Organizer or Joey Gear Sling at this time. However, with a little bit of elbow grease and ingenuity, hammock accessories can be attached to the Swiftlet.

Can I attach an underquilt to my hammock in the Swiftlet?

Yes, all of our trail quilts fit underneath a hammock while set up in the Swiftlet hammock stand. Setting up your underquilt is the same as if hung on trees. The elastic cord of your quilt should be strung through each cradle and attached to the hammock carabiners.

How do I use a rain tarp with the stand?

To use a rain tarp with your Swiftlet, you’ll need tarp poles, hiking poles, posts or trees to hang the tarp above you. Rain tarps do not have a dedicated attachment point with the Swiftlet hammock stand.

Setup and Care Instruction

Download Swiftlet Setup Instructions

Setup Videos



Portable Hammock Stand