Kammok | Wallaby + Python Straps
Wallaby + Python Straps Bundle

Wallaby + Python Straps | $ 94

For everyday use from city to trail, the Wallaby™ Hammock and Python Straps™ team up for any grab and go adventure. The Wallaby™, an ultra-portable and ultra-light hammock, is designed for comfort and easy set-up. Add our climbing rated, tree-friendly, 10-foot Python Straps straps, and you're adventure ready!

Wallaby + Python Straps

Gravitas™ Fabric

Our new 40D diamond ripstop fabric is strong, packable and silky soft

Ultra Light

Have you ever held a cute, fuzzy hamster? Yeah, well this is lighter...and cuter. 10 oz of adventure awesomeness

Ultra Strong

Included 13 kN Mini Kanga Claws and Racer Slings provide superior suspension

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Wallaby in its stuff sack with mini Racer Slings and mini Kanga Claws


When designing the Kammok Python Straps, we found inspiration from the python snake – known for its vice-like grip and excellent tree hugging capabilities. Python straps come in sets of two. Each Python Strap is a 10 ft daisy-chain suspension system with 18 points of connection that allows you to quickly and safely hang your Kammok Roo from any tree, rock, post, or anchor point capable of bearing their weight.

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Python Strap Tree Straps