Kammok | Spring Adventure Kit
Roo Red

Spring Adventure Kit

Whether your planning an adventure on the beach, the mountains, or just planning a casual hang with friends, the Roo is your portable urban oasis built for adventures big and small. Designed expertly to be convenient for a hang in the park and technical enough for hammock camping in the backcountry, the Roo is single handedly redefining quality and comfort. Get to know what #theroolife is all about with our highly acclaimed Roo and Python Straps. 


  • “...stupid simple to use” because it “takes one minute, tops [to set up]."

  • “...the perfect above-ground shelter for your next adventure."

  • "There are plenty of two-person hammocks out there, but the Roo is the best we’ve found."

  • "...we're smitten with a new entrant from two-year-old outdoor lifestyle brand Kammok."

Roo | Camping Hammok

Rated one of the Best Hammocks in 2015 by BackPacker Magazine, the Roo is the premium hammock built for the adventurer, camper, and relaxation enthusiast alike. Made from our proprietary diamond, ripstop, nylon LunarWave fabric thats soft to the touch, the Roo is lightweight, tear resistant, and breathable. It packs easily into its attached water resistant compression sack, getting down to a size just slightly larger than a softball. Your Roo is also safety conscious, coming fully equipped with climbing rated gear including (2) Kanga Claws, our 23kN carabiners made from aerospace grade aluminum and (2) Racer Slings, our 22kN Dyneema slings even rock climbers trust. With more than enough room for two, the Roo is the perfect hammock for an outdoor adventure or a relaxing respite in your backyard and can seamlessly move you from city to trail. Click here to find out more about the Roo.

Roo Hammock


When designing the Kammok Python Straps, we found inspiration from the python snake – known for its vice-like grip and excellent tree hugging capabilities. Python straps come in sets of two. Each Python Strap is a 10 ft daisy-chain suspension system with 18 points of connection that allows you to quickly and safely hang your Kammok Roo from any tree, rock, post, or anchor point capable of bearing their weight. Click here to find out more about the Python Straps.

Python Strap Tree Straps

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