Kammok | Bundle: Roo Hammock + Python Straps + Tote Bag
Bundle: Roo Hammock + Python Straps + Tote Bag

Bundle: Roo Hammock + Python Straps + Tote Bag

The Roo™ Hammock and Python Straps™ team up to make the perfect portable oasis. Climbing rated-suspension and tree-friendly 10-foot straps allow you to quickly and safely hang almost anywhere. This bundle comes with a Tote bag made from up-cycled scraps leftover from our hammock manufacturing. These Totes are great for transporting your Kammok gear to the beach, backyard BBQ, or favorite summer vacation spot. 

Limited time offer and while supplies lasts! 


  • “...stupid simple to use” because it “takes one minute, tops [to set up]."

  • “...the perfect above-ground shelter for your next adventure."

  • "There are plenty of two-person hammocks out there, but the Roo is the best we’ve found."

  • "...we're smitten with a new entrant from two-year-old outdoor lifestyle brand Kammok."

Roo | Camping Hammok

The Kammok Roo is a camping hammock built for your adventures from the backcountry to the backyard. Made from durable diamond ripstop nylon fabric and soft to the touch, the Roo comes equipped with climbing rated caribiners and webbing for ultimate safety. Inspired by the kangaroo, this camping hammock will get you off the ground in a hurry, give you a comfortable, secure place to rest, and then pack up quick so you can continue on your way. Click here to find out more about the Roo.

Roo Hammock


When designing the Kammok Python Straps, we found inspiration from the python snake – known for its vice-like grip and excellent tree hugging capabilities. The Python Straps are 10 ft daisy-chain suspension systems that allow the adventurer to quickly and safely hang their Kammok Roo camping hammock (or other hammock) from any tree, rock, post, or anchor point capable of bearing their weight. Click here to find out more about the Python Straps.

Python Strap Tree Straps


Our Tote bags are the first fully up-cycled product made from leftover fabric from our hammock production. These totes can hold 40 lbs and pack down into their own zippered pocket. They're perfect for groceries, lugging around gym clothes, or last minute storage needs for grab-and-go adventures. Click here to find out more about our Tote Bags.

Tote Bag