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Kammok Roo in Nakuru Blue near Mt Rainier

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We’re Kammok, a small crew based in sunny Austin, Texas. We work hard to make awesome gear for the outdoors, but more than that, we are on a mission to equip and inspire you for life-changing adventure. Every product we make is stitched with the hope of bringing people together outside, from City to Trail™.

Lunarwave Fabric

We believe that the most unforgettable adventures are experienced with friends and family sharing the journey. And that’s what the extended family of Kammok - what we affectionately call our MOB - celebrates all over the world. A mob is a group of kangaroos, and to us, it stands for Moving Others Beyond. We advocate living this adventure - #TheRooLife - everyday.

Amphibiskin Fabric
Check out this short video and be equipped to share about our products

We've got two great mega pro deal bundles for this Spring! You can request the discount codes internally from REI to take advantage of the pro deals. Once you've got the discount code, click on the bundles below to choose the color you want and input the code at checkout. You can order only one of each bundle. (There are limited quantities so the offer is only good while supplies last.)

If you work for a retailer that sells Kammok gear, please click on the "Apply Now" link and fill out the form. Currently, the Kammok Pro Program is a membership program for qualified pros that work for our retailers. Membership is not guaranteed and can be revoked at any time. We'll review your application once you've finished the form, and get back to you. If you're approved, we'll send you a unique discount code to take advantage of the special pricing on the bundles.

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